Multiplayer Map Editor

You can run your very own Multiplayer Map Editor server with our server software.

The most difficult requirement in running a server is being able successfully configure your router to forward a port. We suggest you look into this first as it will likely be the hardest part.


This is the same software which runs our "Awesome" servers. It can be used to host traditional maps, or it can host 'area maps'; Identical to what is available on our Awesome servers. Additionally, the server's functionality can be expanded via hooks exposed through the Lua scripting language.
The server can also assign different block types and textures to different maps, allowing one server to have different themes for each map.

Current release:

Source Code

The source code is included if you'd like to expand the server to suit your needs.


A project file for Code::Blocks is included so that you can more easily modify the server if you wish. Code::Blocks can be found here.


A 64-bit binary for Linux is also included. Due to Linux being what it is, you may need to compile the server from source to get it to work with your system. For compiling in Linux, use the provided Makefile.